From the first days

                                  PILLOW FOR MUM

                   Soft breastfeeding pillow to help you

                                  TRAVEL PILLOW

                   Soft and safe Butterfly pillow


    Textile accessories for babies and small children

    A newborn or infant room is often associated with candy pink or delicate light blue colour, however thanks to our accessories, you can forget about these stereotypes. We offer textiles in various colours and styles that can be matched with other interior design elements of your child’s room. We have classic stripes and polka-dots as well as zig-zags and stars. You can also choose solid-colour accessories. For the youngest children we prepared wonderful soft sleeping bags that will help you cuddle your baby to sleep. We also offer changing mats that will be useful in any situation. The changing mats are soft and feature a water-resistant layer, ensuring that the bed or couch stay clean and dry, especially when you are not at home. Towels with hood are also a must in baby care. They have a similar style as other products in our offer which will make it possible for the parent to complete a full layette for the baby.

    Our Mouse pillow will be an outstanding product, and perhaps one of the first items for your baby. This is a flat pillow that will be ideal from the first days of your baby’s life. It has an interesting shape and was made with soft Minky fabric and colourful 100% cotton. Thanks to the soft ears and flexible tail, it will help in the growth of your baby.

    We also have mums of youngest children in mind. If you breastfeed your baby, then the dolphin-shaped breastfeeding pillow available in our shop will certainly be interesting. To help keep your child’s room tidy, our bed organisers and small baskets ideal for a chest of drawers, will certainly be useful.

    We also have many accessories in our offer that will be ideal for older children. We would like to draw your attention to our decorative bed covers that can match the bedding as well as other interior design elements. Also the towels that are in our offer were prepared for preschool children.

    There is something else we have for our customers – special anti-shock pillows prepared in a universal size for newborns and older preschool-age children. These are special pillows that can be placed in car seat to support your child’s head. They minimise vibrations occurring when riding in a car. This increases the comfort especially during longer trips. Anti-shock pillows are available in all colours and styles which are favourites of our customers and their children

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