Baby towels – which one to choose?

    Baby towels – which one to choose?

    A baby towel is a necessary element of a layette. Is just as important as bath cosmetics. What features a perfect towel for a baby should have?

    A bath is an important element of baby’s daily routine, and the parents should take care of their child hygiene in a proper way. Apart from care cosmetics and bath accessories you need to have a bath towel with a hood that will dry and warm up your baby’s skin.

    What should you pay attention to?

    A baby’s skin is very sensitive, therefore, we should choose soft and delicate materials of high quality and avoid synthetic fabrics. Thus, we should always read the composition of the fabric. It is best when the towel is made of terry cloth cotton that is soft to the touch and quickly absorbs water. Once the child is out of the bath and covered with such a towel it will not feel the sudden change of temperature.

    A baby towel – contrary to other towels – should have a special hood, stitched into one of the corners, protecting the baby’s head against chill, allowing to maintain the proper temperature.

    Tip: When washing baby towels, it is recommended not to use fabric softeners as the substances present in them cause the fabric to lose its water absorbency features.

    What size to choose?

    Another important aspect is the size of the towel – it cannot be too small. A proper size for a baby is 70×70 cm. Such a size allows you to tightly wrap the baby. At Fun with Mum you can also find towels sized 90×90 cm – perfect for older children.

    In our offer we have towels made of white terry cloth cotton with colourful hoods in many patterns. The edges are finished with colourful stripes, which contributes to the exceptional and aesthetic appearance of the towel.

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