A baby’s corner in the parents’ bedroom

    A baby’s corner in the parents’ bedroom

    Every future parent needs to prepare the space for their baby. However, not everyone has enough space to arrange a separate room for a child. Therefore, in such a situation it is best to prepare a cozy baby corner in the parents’ bedroom and equip it with necessary accessories.

    When waiting for a new family member, arranging a room for a baby is a very enjoyable moment – especially for the mum-to-be. Young parents when owing a small apartment not always can find a separate room for their baby. This, however, is not a problem. Some, even if they have more space, still decide to live for the next couple of months with the baby in the same room. Such a solution is practical and comfortable, both for the parents and for the small child. Still, we cannot forget that the space for the baby must be properly arranged.

    A baby’s corner – with what it should be equipped?

    A baby’s corner should be as practical as possible. It is not as difficult as it may seem – it is enough to find some space, think of the things we really need and use some smart solutions. Even if our bedroom is small we will be able to accommodate our new small tenant.

    The most important piece of furniture is – of course – a bed with a mattress. It is best to place it against an empty wall, far from a window and heater. The bed should have a cotton sheet, soft and comfortable set of baby bedding or a colourful Minky fleece blanket. We should, however, not forget about a practical and aesthetic baby bed bumper that will cushion hard rails and protect the hands and feet of your baby. An important element is a bed organizer used to store many items, that will turn out useful in small spaces. Fun with Mum bed organizers have three spacious pockets that can store many necessary accessories, such as a teat, cream, bottle or nappy.

    We have a bed – what’s next?

    Next to the bed, there should be a chest of drawers where we can store the baby’s clothes, care products or towels. On it, there can be a cotton baby changing mat – always within your reach. It is worth noting that such a practical changing mat can be a huge help when changing a nappy at home and when traveling.

    It is also worth considering a comfortable armchair that can be placed, for example, opposite the bed. It will be useful for a breastfeeding mum. A perfectly shaped breastfeeding Dolphin pillow available at uk.funwithmum.com will also make the feeding easier, providing maximum comfort both for the baby and for the child.

    We certainly want to have an order in our bedroom. Therefore, another useful gadget in the baby’s corner will be spacious baskets for toys that can store soft toys and other trinkets.

    Functionality and aesthetics in one

    When arranging a space for a child in one’s bedroom, we need to take into account both the needs of the baby and our own comfort. A well-thought arrangement of furniture will make space a functional one. It is best to place the furniture against the wall, making the central part of the room a place for play where a soft mat can be placed. It is also recommended that the child’s bed should be as close to your bed as possible, to make waking up at night easier.

    When arranging a baby’s corner, we do not have to stick to traditional pinks and blues. We can choose natural colours that will please the eyes of the parents. White and grey hues always look good. You can match them with your favourite colour that can be seen on different accessories. Delicate pastels will also work well. A baby’s corner can turn out to be a decoration of your bedroom.

    Fun with Mum online store has a wide offer of baby’s accessories that are both practical and aesthetic. Aesthetically made baby bed bumper, bed organizer, changing mat and other fabrics in one colour scheme can become a unique arrangement.

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