A baby’s sleeping bag – which one to choose?

    A baby’s sleeping bag – which one to choose?

    A baby’s sleeping bag is a necessary element of a baby’s layette. It will be irreplaceable during baby’s first weeks. It will wrap the baby tightly, ensure warmth, safety and help it to adapt to the new reality. Here are our tips on what to look for when looking for a baby’s sleeping bag.

    A comfortable swaddle blanket – sleeping bag is a perfect cover for a baby, which is useful from its very first days. The new-born, wrapped in the cozy sleeping bag feels as if it were again in its mum’s belly – it feels warmth, comfort and safety.

    Type of the material

    A baby’s sleeping bag should be made of high-quality materials, 100% safe for the delicate and sensitive baby’s skin. A perfect solution is a light, delicate and soft cotton, that does not cause irritations or allergies. Minky fleece is also very popular. It is extremely nice to the touch. The best option is to choose a two-sided sleeping bag – one side is made of natural cotton and the other of original Minky fleece. Sleeping bags from Fun with Mum have a soft, hypoallergenic filling ensuring breathability and the right temperature. Such a sleeping bag is multifunctional – it can be used as a blanket, duvet or even as a fun mat.

     Sleeping bag size and thickness

    The most practical size of a sleeping bag is 75×75 cm. There are also 100×100 cm sleeping bags available on the market, but smaller bags are more functional when it comes to small babies. They will also prove useful as a duvet for a stroller. A baby’s sleeping bag should not be too thick nor too thin. We must ensure that the baby is not cold, but it cannot be too warm, either. A key role is played by the mentioned type of the material and filling. Our sleeping bags are perfect to use at home, or during strolls or travel. Thanks to the fact that they are made of different materials, we can choose which side becomes the outer side and which the internal side of the sleeping bag. In spring and summer, when the temperatures are higher, we recommend using the cotton side as the internal side.

    Type of clasp

    We can clasp the sleeping bag with the use of Velcro, snaps or tie with it with a ribbon. The best option is Velcro, which is not only fast and easy but also allows us to regulate the width. Using snaps or strings is much more time consuming and less practical.

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