Soft Minky blankets for newborn

                                  BLANKETS FOR TODDLERS

                   Size: 75 cm / 100 cm

                                  BLANKETS FOR JUNIOR KIDS

                   Size: 100 cm x 135 cm


    Minky blankets are the latest trend. This is an irreplaceable element of every baby’s layette. Once you feel the softness of this baby blankets, you will not want to change it for another one!

    Minky blankets are two-sided and exceptionally beautiful. One side is made of extraordinarily soft Minky material with characteristic dimples while the other is made of high quality certified cotton. Both materials were matched to create an interesting and trendy composition. This type of blankets can certainly replace a duvet on a warmer night. Such blankets can also be used as a mat – it will be ideal for crawling or as a protection against cold floor when your baby is playing. You can choose a matching pillow to every blanket and create the perfect set.

    Our exceptional Minky blankets were not only made for babies. We have also prepared something for preschool children who also need comfortable sleeping conditions. Our offer includes Minky blankets for older children (3-6 years old). They are offered in the proper size, thickness with a precise finish. Each blanket can be matched with a soft pillow. The Minky blankets and pillows will be ideal for long car trips. They can also replace a duvet and be an alternative product for a play mat – you can unfold them quickly when your child wishes to play on the floor. Large blankets are also an interesting idea for decorating your child’s bed. When you match its colours to the colours of sheets, it can be used as a typical bed cover. No wonder these blankets are so popular among parents of preschool children.

    Large Minky blankets are made of two high-quality fabrics: certified Minky fabric and the best cotton certified with Oeko Tex Standard.

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