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    A child’s room does not have to be infantile to create possibilities for your son or daughter to play, relax and study. A pleasant atmosphere that encourages play can be created thanks to properly selected accessories for children’s room which can be found in our shop. We specifically recommend accessories that will enable to create such an interior arrangement of your child’s room that will be universal and will be ideal for the room of a newborn, an infant or a preschool child, as well as an older child.


    In our offer you will also find garlands that can decorate a girl’s or boy’s room, depending on the colour and design. The varied colours and styles will make it possible for the garlands available in our offer to perfectly match other elements in your child’s room, such as furniture and textiles. Garlands sold in our shop are composed of colourful triangles – they are offered in solid colours or with classic designs such as stripes, polka-dots, stars or chevron.

    Wall stickers can be an additional component of children’s room design that will emphasize its atmosphere and appearance. The stickers we propose for your child’s room are not typical candy-sweet wall stickers. We offer subtle styles such as small triangles, circles as well as clouds, crowns and other similar patterns. It is important to note that you can create interesting graphics with these geometrical-shape stickers that will make your child’s room more unique. You can also stick them along the entire wall, spaced apart evenly. The stickers will also work on other flat surfaces such as furniture, e.g. to decorate a chest of drawers.

    Children’s room baskets

    Baskets in various sizes are products that will contribute to the interesting appearance of your child’s room. Thanks to the large baskets, you can keep your child’s room neat and tidy. Smaller baskets can be used to store crayons or blocks. They can also be used as drawers. A broad range of styles and colours will enable you to match them to the preferences of your child as well as other elements present in their room.

    Standing or hanging lamps are some of the key components of a children's room interior design. They provide light but also create an exceptional, cosy atmosphere in the room. In many cases, properly selected and placed lamp will make your child want to stay in the room.

    One of the key characteristics of each lamp is its appearance. This is why we offer lamp shades and standing lamps decorated with attractive materials that can be matched with other components of interior design, available in our shop. Many of them are special for their styles and graphics, but also for the combination of colours that can be a great inspiration for decorating the entire room.

    Our shades and lamps were made of best materials with appropriate certificates. They stand out for their durability. They can improve the look of an interior effectively while contributing to its fashionable character. Shades and standing lamps available in our shop are products that can be perfectly incorporated into today’s trends of a children’s room interior design.

    Wooden shelves – elegant fittings of a children’s room

    Many items that are present in children’s rooms are functional and decorative at the same time. Wooden shelves are a perfect example of the above. They contribute to the appearance of the room but their primary function is to be storage of books, teddy bears, photos or toys.

    The most fashionable wooden shelves today include clouds, houses or tipi shelves. Each of them reflects the current trends perfectly. Our shelves can look best when matched with other items designed in similar style, such as the tipi or decorative pillows.

    A wooden shelf is also the simplest idea for utilising an empty wall that creates the effect of an unfinished room. A hanging shelf is also the best idea for limiting a child’s access to some items such as poster paints or valuable family photos. Such a shelf is also a good idea for presenting the most beautiful items belonging to your child that are worth exposing.


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