Baby Bed Pillow S

    Baby bed pillow S

    Accessories used to equip the child’s bed are the basic elements that every parent must buy when completing a layette for a new-born. It is because the baby spends a majority of its time in its bed, so this place should be as cosy and safe as possible. A comfortable mattress, a nice to the touch sheet and a soft bedding is a “must have”. A child’s bedding with a filling is not only a duvet but also a pillow, that you can buy in a set or separately, without the duvet.

    A baby bed pillow must be flat. It also should be small – an optimum size for a baby is a 30 cm wide pillow. Remember that only the head should rest on the pillow, not the head with shoulders. Purchasing a baby bed pillow is something that needs to be well-considered in advance. This is because this product greatly influences the health and proper development of your baby. If the pillow is, for example, too large, too high, too soft or too hard it can lead to spine curvature disorders.

    What is also crucial is the material the baby bed pillow is made of, as well as its filling. We chose only high-quality, hypoallergenic, certified materials. The filling should enable breathability and should not cause any irritations. We recommend avoiding feathers and down as these inserts often cause allergic reactions.

    Baby bed pillows available in the on-line shop Fun with Mum are made of 100% cotton and inside there is a soft silicone hypoallergenic filling ensuring breathability. Their innovative and aesthetics appearance make the child’s bed special and charming.

    Are you completing a layette for a new-born or looking for a reliable present for your child? Check the offer of our colourful pillows and other baby accessories that can enrich the arrangement of a child’s room.

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