Baby Pillow S

    Baby Pillow

    Are you completing a layette for a new-born and thinking what else your baby will need during its first months? Or maybe you are looking for a gift for baby shower? That is wonderful – our on-line shop Fun with Mum has in its offer many products that will be useful for the baby and its mum. Each layette for a new-born should consist of a soft to the touch, colourful blanket made of high-quality materials, that will softly wrap the baby, ensuring warmth and comfort. Apart from a blanket, a small pillow, also soft and pleasant to the touch, will be useful.

    A flat baby pillow made of the original Minky fleece will be a guarantee of a comfortable and safe sleep. Its design will decorate not only the baby’s bed but also its stroller. It will come in handy in numerous situations and places, for example on a changing mat, in the crib or during travel. Thanks to it, travelling by car with a baby will be much more comfortable.

    Our baby pillows were made of high-quality materials. A soft Minky fleece, 100% cotton and hypoallergenic filling make the product safe for the sensitive baby’s skin – the product does not irritate, does not cause allergies and ensures breathability. Interesting design and varied colours allow you to choose a perfect pillow, both for a boy and for a girl. It is worth to buy the pillow in a set with a blanket. Such an elegant set will decorate the baby's stroller and, what is more, the child’s room arrangement will become cosy and lovely.