Baby Towel

    Baby towel

    Every day, as a parent, you actively take care of your baby – you feed it, change it, put it to sleep – to name only a few. You also bathe your little one. Once the child is out of the bath, it can easily catch a cold. Therefore, you need to remember to wrap it carefully with a soft towel that will absorb the excess water and ensure pleasant warmth. When the baby is clean and dry, you can pat some cream into its skin, put on a nappy and prepare your little one to sleep.

    Therefore, no layette is complete unless it contains a baby towel. Baby towel is slightly different from other towels, for example from towels for adults. This towel should be made of high-quality materials that are safe for the sensitive baby skin. Such a material can for example be terry cloth cotton – soft to the touch, of excellent absorbing properties. A baby towel must also have a special hood, stitched into one of its corners. A soft towel with hood makes the first baths more pleasant, ensures comfort and protects the head against chilling. The size of the towel also matters – it should not be too small as it has to wrap the whole body closely.

    Our practical towels for babies are made with the utmost care and are very aesthetic. Just like other products in our offer, they are characterised by a coherent style, that allows to collect a matching layette. Fun with Mum baby towels are white, the hoods are trimmed with a colourful cotton and the edges are elegantly trimmed making the towel look unique. Take a look at our offer in which you will easily find a towel for a girl and a towel for a boy.

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