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    Bed cover size M

    A child’s room is a unique space in every house that has its own rules. It is quite often messy. Yet, the mess can be avoided if we teach our children from an early age to maintain order. The child should remember to not only collect its toys once the play time is over but also to make its bed every morning to make it look tidy and aesthetic. Nothing spoils the look of a child’s room more than messy bedding and scattered pillows. To encourage your child to make the bed every day it is worth buying a stylish and colourful bed cover. Child’s bed cover will help you to maintain order, will protect the bedding against dirt and will be a beautiful decoration of the interior.

    Bed covers available in our on-line shop are elegantly quilted and trimmed with a colourful lace. And that is not all! They are two sided, and each side is of different colour. Once the child gets bored with one side, it can easily change the arrangement by itself. A bed cover, just like any other element of the arrangement of the child’s room should be made of high-quality materials that are safe for your child’s health. A 100% cotton and hypoallergenic filling will ensure safety during usage and will make the product universal. From time to time, the bed cover can be used as a light cover or a mat to play on.

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