Bedsheet S

    Baby Bed sheet

    When preparing a room for your little one or a baby corner in the parent’s room, a basic element is, of course, a child’s bed with a comfortable mattress. When having a bed and a mattress the next thing we need to buy is a bed sheet. A sheet for a baby’s bed has to be first and foremost comfortable and safe for your little one. Therefore, it should be nice to the touch, hypoallergenic and made of natural fabrics. A 100% cotton is a high-quality material, soft, hygienic and elastic. It is then a perfect choice when it comes to manufacturing accessories for children.

    Our sheets are comfortable to use, both for the baby and for its mum. The sewn-in elastic rubber prevents the sheet from rolling and makes fast change of sheets easier. A rich colour range and fanciful design make it easy to find a product both for a boy and for a girl. A stylish sheet can also be a decoration, adorning the child’s bed. Should you choose to find matching accessories, such as a bedding set, baby bed bumper or bed organizer, your child’s bed will become beautiful and cosy.

    The bed sheet is an essential element of a baby’s layette. We know that for a pregnant woman shopping may be tedious while new mums do not have time for that – therefore we recommend on-line shopping. Fun with Mum, apart from sheets, has in its offer many other articles for babies. We are certain that all parents will find something for themselves.