Dream Catcher

    Dream catcher

    Perfectly matched small decorations in a child's room can create a pleasing to the eye whole. What decorations should you choose to make the room cosy, beautiful and optimistic? An important role is played by colourful wall decorations that make the white walls no longer boring and monotonous. When decorating walls in your child's room you can unleash your imagination. This is a space that should be as colourful as possible, magical like a fairy-tale kingdom.

    A child' room will become cosier and stylish when we add such a decoration as dream catchers. This decoration not only looks great on the wall but also when hanging on a teepee tent or in a window. The best way is to hang it above a child's bed as according to Native American tribes a dream catcher – as the name suggests – "catches" good dreams and keeps the nightmares at bay. This decorative element will add a pinch of magic and positive energy to your child's bedroom. 😊 It can also encourage the child to sleep in its own bed making the “night monsters” less scary.

    Nevertheless, whether you believe in magic or not, our dream catchers will surely win your heart thanks to their aesthetic look. A star made of soft velvet, pastel colours, ribbons in matching colours, fun pom-poms and golden or silver elements create a unique decoration that will enrich the arrangement of a child's room.

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