Floor mat for teepee

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    Teepee floor mats

    Do you want your child to feel even more comfortable and cosy in our teepee? Then you must definitely buy a floor mat for it! Our tents, being a perfect element of child's room interior, serve their purpose best together with a floor mat. A floor mat for a teepee ensures a soft and comfortable ground. A teepee tent with a mat make a very comfortable and cosy playing spot. As a result, the child will be able to find a comfortable position to sit or to lie down. Thanks to the mat, the tent can stand not only on a carpet, but also on the floor or outside – on a patio or on the balcony.

    A quilted teepee mat can be ordered in a set with a tent or bought separately. It can also be used from time to time as a stand-alone fun mat. It will prove useful when playing in the garden or on a patio and also as a floor mat at home on which the children can comfortably watch TV or read books.

    Get familiar with our offer and choose not only a mat but also other teepee accessories that will make the child's tent look even more attractive and the games played inside will be a dream come true.