A child’s room should be colourful, lovely and as cosy as possible. Children grow up so fast and as they grow their likes and dislikes change. You are probably wondering how to arrange the space for your child without the need to re-paint the walls and change the furniture. As it turns out, the simplest solutions are the best – we recommend using accessories.

    Colourful garlands – a way to decorate a child’s room.

    A colourful garland is a perfect decoration for your child’s room. It may be hard to believe but such a small accent can change the character of the room, giving it a unique atmosphere. Any kind of wall decoration is a great idea for a room of a girl or of a boy. A room with bare walls never looks good, on the contrary – bare walls make it cold and sad. Wall decorations – garlands – will make the room more lively, fun and cosy. They look best when hanging in the window or in a child’s crib. They are also a perfect accessory for our teepee tents. Their colours match the colours of garlands so when completing a whole set you will create a unique arrangement of a child’s room.

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