Pillows - In the Sky

    In the sky velvet pillows The best way to arrange a child’s room are varied decorative additions and accessories that can easily create a unique whole. To make the interior more stylish and cosy, it is worth buying some decorative pillows. Once the pillow was associated with rest and sleep but now it also plays another function. Now, we cannot imagine a room without at least one designer decorative pillow. Pillows look best when in a set, but if we value minimalism then we can choose only one, bigger, carefully made one, having an interesting shape. Pillows from the Velvet collection are unique and stand out from other pillows. They make everything more charming – as a result the room for the child turns into a land full of magic. Cloud, Star and Moon shape pillows Cloud, Star and Moon pillows will decorate every child's bed and make your child feel like in heaven. To make the bed even cosier, it is worth considering a colourful cover and a soft Minky fleece blanket – all in the same colour scheme, of course. Thanks to the cosy atmosphere, your little one will fall asleep faster and will feel comfortable and safe in its room. Fun with Mum velvet pillows are soft to the touch and inside them there is a fluffy silicone hypoallergenic filling. They are carefully made so the child could enjoy the product for a long time. It is worth adding, that the designer decorative pillow is a universal gadget that will be useful for any child, no matter its age. A small child can treat it as a favourite soft toy while an older one as a typical decorative element. So, if you are looking for a gift for your child look no further and take a look at our offer.