Junior Bedding Set L

    Bedding for children

    A bed, some toys, colourful decorations, favourite blanket, a table lamp... What else is missing in a child’s room? Of course a bedding for children. A bedding is a basic element of every child’s room. Fun with Mum has beddings with a hypoallergenic filling in its offer that are completely safe for every child. They are also soft, comfortable, and functional. High-quality, solid materials ensure long years of product life cycle. A bedding for a child quite often gets dirty but that is not a problem we cannot solve. It can be washed in whole and after washing it will not change its shape.

    Both the pillow and the duvet influence the quality of sleep. If you want your child to spend its nights in its bed and to wake up well-rested carefully choose the bedding for children, paying attention to every detail. A cotton duvet is soft to touch, does not irritate the skin, ensures warmth and breathability for the skin. Duvet exterior and the type of filling are one of the basic criteria. The health of the child is the most important so we should not look for cheaper materials of lower quality. A size also matters. A duvet size L is a perfect one for a preschooler.

    A duvet for a girl or a duvet for a boy? Find a perfect model and order today

    Our duvets are not only functional but also beautifully made. A set with pillows will aesthetically decorate a child’s bed and will make it even cosier and more colourful. In the shop’s offer you can also find beddings made with girls in mind, sets for bots, as well as universal products. See for yourself which patterns and colours we have prepared for our youngest customers. Have a look at our offer and select a perfect bedding for your child.