Junior Quilt L

    Duvet for Kids

    A duvet is a basic element of every child’s room. It should be soft, warm and ensure the proper level of breathability, to allow your child’s skin to breathe.  The material it is made of proves its quality and functionality. When buying a duvet for a child you need to consider what properties it should have to ensure comfortable, safe and healthy sleep.

    Both a duvet for a girl and a quilt for a boy should be made of high-quality fabrics. A 100% cotton is the best choice. A duvet for a toddler should be of appropriate size adjusted to the needs and age of your child. Duvet size L will be perfect not only for a child's bed but also during naps in preschool. What features a perfect preschool duvet should have? First of all, it should be soft, solidly made and easy to wash.

    A duvet can be bought separately or in a set with a pillow, that together form a beautiful bedding set. Fun with Mum has in its offer bedding for children with a sewn-in filling. Our beddings are high-quality products so they can be easily washed in a washing machine – without affecting their shape. If you are looking for a bedding both for a boy and for a girl our wide array of patterns and colours will help you find what you need.