Toddler Towel

    Toddler towel

    A toddler towel is just as essential as bath cosmetics. The first thing you should pay attention to when looking for a towel for our baby is the material. One should avoid synthetic fabrics and look for natural ones that do not cause irritation to the sensitive skin of your child. Therefore, terry cloth cotton – hypoallergenic, soft, nice to the touch and water absorbing – will be a perfect choice.

    A toddler towel should also have a special hood that protects the toddler’s head against chill and makes the towel stay on firmly. A child after bath may quickly catch a cold that is why it is important to immediately wrap it up with a towel, so it will not feel the temperature change. Size also matters – we want the towel with hood to nicely wrap the whole body, therefore, it cannot be too small.

    The advantages of our towels are their high quality and aesthetics. The hoods are trimmed with colourful cotton and stylishly trimmed giving the towel aesthetic appearance. We encourage you to take a look at our offer. A wide selection will allow you to find the perfect towel with a hood for a toddler.

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