Pom-Pom 15 cm

    Pom pom 15 cm

    Colourful decorative pom poms are recently a must have in a child's room. They make the interior cosier and unique – straight from a fairy tale. They will successfully decorate an empty wall, a window or a teepee tent. They can also be used during children's photo sessions, during a birthday party of a baby shower.

    A great decoration – not only for a child's room

    What is interesting is that the pom poms are universal – they are not intended for children only. They can decorate rooms where various events are held, such as wedding receptions. These fluffy balls will be a guarantee of a romantic atmosphere and unique setting.

    Our pom poms are made of high-quality rigid tulle. They do not get deformed and stay stylish for a long time. They look best when combined in sets made of several pom poms of different sizes. You need to remember to choose their sizes carefully. If we want to have a decoration made of, for example, three pom poms, we do not recommend combining a 10 cm pom pom with a 30 cm one, as such a set will not look good.

    Make your own set, choosing favourite colours and matching sizes. We also need to remember that the tulle balls in all the colours of the rainbow are a decoration that is supposed to make the room more lively, at the same time adding a touch of subtlety and lightness.

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