Pom-Pom 30 cm

    Pom-pom 30 cm

    How to decorate a child's room to make it cosy and colourful and to make is as comfortable and safe for your child as possible? The best solution is to use different decorations that can be changed as the child grows, changing the whole arrangement. We all know that children grow up fast, and their tastes and needs change. Decorative additions and accessories are the best solution when it comes to arranging a child's room. The question is what decorations to choose? One of our proposals are colourful pom-poms made of high-quality tulle. These cute fluffy balls will immediately make the interior more cheerful and lively and will add some cosiness and magic.

    Where to hang them? It depends, among others, on our creativity. They look beautiful when hanging on a wall or in the window. It also depends on the size of the pom-pom. In our offer, we have pom-poms in four sizes (10, 15, 20 and 30 cm). Smaller ones can be used to decorate a teepee tent, and look great when in a set of several balls. The 30 cm pom-pom is in itself quite large and can be an independent decoration.

    Fun with Mum pom-poms are diligently made, do not deform and stay stylish for a long time. A wide range of colours will help everyone find something for themselves. Their colours match the teepee tents collection and other accessories. As a result, you can create a beautiful arrangement for your child's room. Remember – the pom-poms will be a great decoration for any event or party or even for a photo session.

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