Teepee tent + floor mat

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    Indian teepee for kids

    Teepee tent is a perfect place to play for every child. Children love playing hide and seek and creating their own hideouts or bases. A teepee is a great solution for small adventurers. Children can dress up as Native Americans and treat their teepee as their home. A indian tent for children is a great place for storing toys, learning, reading books or resting. It is big enough to house also the parent, who can play with their child or read it bedtime stories.

    Select a wigwam teepee for a boy or a teepee for a girl and enjoy the high-quality of the product

    A Indian teepee will be loved by children of any age, both by boys and girls. When buying your child a tent, you can be sure that it will last for several years. When choosing a wigwam with a floor mat you are ensuring a soft and comfortable place to play. Thus, the tent can stand not only on a carpet, but also on the floor or outside – on a patio or in the garden. The child will be able to find a comfortable position to sit or to lie down. A tent for children is very light so it can be freely moved to any place.

    Indian tent is also a lovely decoration in every room. Placed in a child's room or in a living room it will add to the cosiness and create wonderful atmosphere. It does not matter in what style is your apartment – uk.funwithmum.com will have a teepee matching your place. If you are minimalist, your will enjoy a tent in a neutral colour.  If you want to add more energy to the room and make it more characteristic, choose a teepee in more flashy colours. You and your child can choose the model that meets your needs.

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