A safe sleep for your child – what pillow to choose?

    A safe sleep for your child – what pillow to choose?

    Each parent should ensure that their child has the most comfortable place to sleep and rest. A properly selected pillow can affect whether the sleep will be safe and whether the child will wake up well-rested and full of energy.

    Many young parents wonder what pillow to choose for their child. And no wonder – on the market there are many kinds of pillows, that differ in shape, size, type of covering and filling. Here are our tips on what to look for when buying a pillow.

    A suitable shape and size

    A pillow for a child should ensure that the body rests in a stable and natural position, preventing posture defects. A child’s pillow differs from a pillow for an adult. What are its features? The most important thing is that it should be flat, soft and not very big – only then it will be comfortable and safe. Too high a pillow can lead to spine curvature disorders, and it can even pose a threat to your baby’s life! The head resting on the pillow can slide down and stay in unnatural position, blocking the airways. The size of the pillow must match the age of your child. A suitable size of a baby’s pillow is 30 cm or 40 cm wide. Remember that only the head should rest on the pillow, not the head with shoulders.

    Hypoallergenic filling and exterior

    The type of filling of the baby’s pillow shroud ensures breathability. When buying a pillow for your baby as well as for an older child, we recommend avoiding pillows with feathers and down as a filling, as they often cause allergic reactions. What is more, such a filling is too soft. It is best to look for silicone and hypoallergenic filling. It is durable, keeps its shape and does not cause any allergic reactions. When it comes to the pillow exterior, it should be made of high-quality, certified, hypoallergenic and elastic materials, such as 100% cotton.

    What else is worth remembering?

    A small child cannot sleep on more than one pillow, and in the bed, there should not be a lot of soft toys. You also need to remember to wash the pillow frequently. Fun with Mum has in its offer pillows made of high-quality materials thanks to which they can be washed without affecting their shape.

    We need to remember that a pillow greatly influences the health and development of a child. Perhaps, in the first months of your baby’s life, it is not as crucial an element, but later on, it is necessary to equip the child with a comfortable pillow to ensure a sound and comfortable sleep.

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