In search for a blanket for a preschooler

    In search for a blanket for a preschooler

    A soft and colourful blanket is a necessary element of every preschooler’s starter kit. It will turn out to be necessary during naps in preschool as well as in other situations. So, it should be functional, nice to the touch and aesthetic. What else is worth remembering when selecting a blanket for your little one?

    Nap time is not the favourite activity of children in preschool. And we are not surprised. An unknown place, lack of parents who hugs them or reads them a story before bed, homesickness, fussy friends – these are all important stress factors which make them anxious. This time can be, however, made more pleasant. Both a favourite soft toy and pleasant to touch, warm blanket ensuring safety will turn out to be indispensable.

    Soft Minky blanket

    A perfect blanket for your child should be made of high-quality materials, safe for its health and nice to the touch. A great option would be a nice, comfortable minky fleece loved both by children and by their parents. We should remember, though, to select only original minky. The market is full of fake minky fleece that significantly differs from the original fabric. First of all, they are not as soft and delicate, they wear quicker and change their shape after washing.

    Fun with Mum offers soft blankets that one side is made of original minky fleece while the other side is made of 100% cotton. These materials ensure warmth and breathability, protecting the child against excessive sweating. Inside, there is a hypoallergenic fluffy filling that protects the child against allergic reactions and skin irritations. Our blankets are available in three sizes – a perfect size for a preschooler is 100×135 cm.

    Not only for preschool

    A soft Minky blanket will be a perfect child’s companion. It will gently wrap your child, helping it fall asleep and will ensure comfortable and safe rest. It is perfect for a preschool as well as for summer holidays trip. It is worth considering buying a set with a pillow being a great, coherent in terms of colours set for sleeping when not at home. However, it can also serve its purpose in the bedroom – it can become a duvet or elegant bed cover. It will make the child’s bed more cosy and colourful. A unique design of children’s blankets makes their rooms more characteristic and cosy. Another advantage is their two-sided colour scheme thanks to which you can quickly change the interior arrangement.

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