Top 5 ideas for a gift for a child

    Top 5 ideas for a gift for a child

    Children love being given presents and there are plenty of opportunities to do so – birthday, Children’s Day, visit of relatives, Christmas… Yet, we often have a problem when we want to buy something for a child that surely has a room full of toys. Below, you will find 5 proven ideas for a gift, perfect both for boys and for girls.

    When looking for a present for a child you need to bear in mind some rules. One of them is that the present must match the child’s age and be safe for its health. A perfect gift is one that will be used for a long time, is universal, multifunctional and apart from being used to play it can also be educational or decorative. It is also good to know what the child likes. The case is simpler when we are looking for a gift for our baby, but when looking for a present of your friend’s child and not knowing which fairy tale character is its favourite one, it is best to avoid such themes and look for something neutral and universal.

    Teepee tents

    One of the best gift ideas is a teepee tent. It is perfect both for boys and for girls. Children love hiding spots, playing hide-and-seek and creating their own bases. A Native American teepee tent is a cozy, safe and comfortable place to play. Additionally, it will boost the child’s imagination and creativity. The child can play there with its favourite toys, dress up as Native American who has a life full of adventures, but also rest, nap or read books. A teepee is also a great decoration of a child’s room. It makes the room more colourful, cozy and stylish. It is also worth noting that a tipi is light, so it can be moved to any place – even to a balcony, a patio or to the garden. It will serve its purpose during any season. A wide selection of colours and patterns is a guarantee that we will find the right model for any child.

    Fun mat

    Another great gift idea is a universal Play & Go Fun Mat – baby playmat. Colourful and soft, it will be a comfortable place to play and will be used by any child. It can be used not only at home but also when playing outside, for example in a garden or in a park. Its another advantage is its other role – thanks to the practical flexible strings it can be changed into a bag for toys in a blink of an eye. The child will learn how to take care of its room, by placing the toys easily in one place once the playtime is over.

    Originally-shaped pillow

    A colourful pillow of a fanciful shape is a great gift idea for a child. It can be used not only when resting but also when playing. What is more, it can be a room decoration. Original, three-dimensional velvet pillow will be a beautiful decoration of a child’s bed, will make the room more cozy and stylish. At you can find many interesting shapes and patterns. A little princess will love Bunny, Doll or Unicorn pillow that will allow to change the child’s room into a place straight from a fairy-tale. In the shop’s offer you can also find many other pillows, matching the tastes of both girls and boys, for example, Elephant, Deer, Apple, Pear, Cloud or Moon pillows. All pillows are made of elegant and soft velvet. Their eyes and faces are hand-embroidered, which makes them even more unique.

    Soft Minky blanket

    A soft and colourful blanket is a must-have for every child. It will be necessary not only when napping in nursery school or preschool, but also at home when playing, resting or watching TV. If you decide on a bigger blanket, then it can be used as a duvet or bed cover and thus will be used longer. Still, we have to remember, that a child’s blanket must be made of high-quality materials to ensure safe and healthy sleep. A perfect solution will be a blanket made of the original soft Minky fleece, 100% cotton and soft hypoallergenic filling inside. The baby blanket can become a faithful companion of the child, taken to every adventure. In order for the child to love the blanket, the blanket must not only be exceptionally soft but also very colourful. We recommend choosing from among our two-sided blankets. Different colours on both sides are a guarantee that the blanket will not become boring.

    Colourful garlands, pom-poms, dream catchers

    All kinds of wall decorations will make the child’s room more comfortable. It is important that they are colourful and aesthetically made. A garland made of colourful, three-dimensional stars made of soft velvet will be a great gift for a child, especially for a junior, who starts to independently decorate its own room using its own creativity. A dream catcher will be a very aesthetic decoration that will add charm and magic. It is made of a lovely star, colourful straps, beads and pom-poms. A set made of, for example, three colourful pom-poms can turn out to be a hit already during the birthday party, ensuring a unique setting and decorating the background of a photo session.

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